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A Weapon for gentleman
GlodenMarker - Pocket square series

Open up the original brand market. Studies have shown that when we are attending some high-class banquet, the dress style with suit and tie seems too formal. 

Nowadays, the pocket square has become one of the best choices for men, which can give them a sense of formality without being too solemn. It is worth mentioning that there is still no pocket square brand with original design in China at present.GM just seizes the opportunity to open the original brand market.

Build its own brand

Following the current trends and opportunities, GM creates a brand new pocket square brand "GlodenMarker" relying on its own advantages, and devotes itself to creating a pocket square with elegance, taste and strong visual form for people who persistently pursue exquisite life, so as to make a new generation of young men stand out from the rest.

Product series

This series of products focus on one theme. The inspiration for the theme comes from the fact that the pocket square is designed to wipe the tears of elegant ladies, so the theme is named as "a weapon for gentleman". Through this theme, designers from GM use different tear forms to express different design styles.

Gain popularity

The new pocket square brand has been favored by many high-end customers and distributors, and it now has entered in many high-end shopping malls in Guangzhou, Chengdu, Qingdao, Xi 'an, Shanghai and other cities. The new pocket square brand "GlodenMarker" enables the new generation of young men to have a "colorful life".


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