Golden Mark Golden Mark

GoldenMark (Asia) (“GM”) is an independent multinational group engaged in branding design. Founded in New Zealand in 2008, after years of development, GM started business in China in 2010, and established the China Division by merger with Jimei Group of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts for better serving the prominent brands in China.

In service for Chinese brands, we are lucky to have worked with many planning agencies and prominent designers specializing in different areas from China, having created unparalleled branding design cases, made them classic examples and helped enterprisers in their every effort to overturn the traditions of market.





Strategy. Branding strategies are our most exciting element, which allows us to help brands differentiate themselves with extraordinary products from common, routine ones. For GM, this is means subtle targeting at specific market segments, populations and the best cost-effectiveness.



Originality. This is the element to which we devote most of our time and efforts. Being differentiated from existing products is the fastest way to success. When talking about differentiation, nothing is more effective than originality in posing an impact for market changes, which also allows us to understand the importance of originality.

Brand story. A good brand story is not intended to solicit everyone’s praise. Our goal is that our stories become hot topics when people get together. Every brand has a unique story, which should be carefully related to consumers and connected to their innermost emotions, and really happens to them. This kind of personal feeling releases any doubt them have in your brand.



We are the big winners. GM is proud for having received countless awards and glad to share our list of results. These represent our efforts and contributions as well as recognition and appreciation by the industry and peers of our achievements. They drive us to go further.

If you have any interesting ideas to share with us or are interested in joining us, just give us a call or email. We will talk about it. Let’s explore each other's merits, materialize powerful thoughts, and further your mission.