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Z Jewelry

Beyond the Ultimate

Chaodian, a jewelry giant based on Guangzhou, acquired a jewelry brand from Spain. After talking with the customer, we found the deal brought about a brand reshaping strategy with infinite challenges together with a huge commercial market opportunity…

In the context of a fast growth in          China  , the national economy is catching up with and even surpass in certain respects that of developed countries and regions. The Chinese people increasingly prefer personalized dress, styles and cultural elements. However, there was no accessory and jewelry brand taking the lead of this trend in the huge domestic market. Aiming at this opportunity, Chaodian planned to redefine the market with the influence of the newly-acquired brand, and their idea was extremely simple: to go beyond all definitions of jewelry and create a new category. This was expected to revive the Z brand from Spain China though being a long and courageous process.

GM did not simply creating a new brand. It was, instead, creating a new segment in the entire commercial market. This is innovation, a pursuit beyond the ultimate.

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