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Understanding of Brands

One Brand, One Personality

What is a brand? It is an invisible force, can be as small as a look, or as large as a country...

It could be a place, a city, Beijing, Shanghai, London, New York, Paris ... Branding is very important for a city, because it is the stake for competition between cities. New York, Paris and London have been using their own brand images, favorable investment environments, warm hospitality in competing for investors and tourists. Some countries are also brands.New Zealandis positioned to be 100% natural, fully of sunny and healthy. In people's minds,New Zealandhas the world's most natural ranches, the purest natural environment, subject to no pollution. These impressions are the result of branding.Jordan's brand positioning is being more like Rome than Rome, and its national images include a well-preserved ancient Roman city and the Dead Sea, a wonder of the world. The embarrassing location betweenIsraelandSaudi Arabiadoes not preventJordanfrom being an exclusive holiday destination for Western tourists.

For businesses, brands are related to details. Brands are not just images and ads, everything perceivable can be a brand. Onboard a train, the signs, tickets, seats, wall colors, crew clothing, service attitude are all brands, because they are contact points which are visible, touchable, hearable or feelable. This sounds a bit scary. You might say, just give me a logo and choose a color. This narrow understanding of brand is absolutely harmful to the sale of the products. Inherently invisible, brands are important assets of enterprises and frequently neglected by domestic enterprises. Brands are intangible, but invisible things are often the most important. If you are impatient when receiving a call, your brand may be over. If a bank employee is rude to a guest, the bank's brand may be broken.

Today, the spread of information is invincible, everyone is a witness, and every phone transmits real voice. Your business is under the scrutiny by the entire community. The days of wholesale and production has gone forever.

Today's brands are more about not only experience goods, but also engagement of consumers.

When you buy something, what important is how do you feel about it, whether it is consistent with your level of consumption, whether the packaging is attractive enough not to be discarded, how could it be displayed, and when do you feel after using it.

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