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Four Tips in Packaging Design for Best Sellers

Adapted to the season

The most used practice by companies to keep a fresh impression among consumers for their products is changing the way in which they sell their products, for example, by "adaptation to the season". Oreo is a good example. In every holiday season, Oreo’s packaging design will have some changes, highlighting the tastes and colors specific to the holiday. It may be in red, orange or yellow, so the consumers can easily tell they have the right Oreo specially offered for the season.

Environmental friendliness

Especially in the past few years, environmental protection has become a responsibility of respectable enterprises, and consumers are generally more likely to buy products which make them feel they have made some contribution to the protection of the Earth. This trend is particularly evident in the bottled water industry. Arrowhead, for example, is using recyclable water bottles for their new products. These recyclable water bottles contain plastics 50% less than previous models. They have found that these bottles are of lower costs and easy to produce, and more importantly, they are environmentally friendly.


“This company knows me!” is the first impression created by localization. “Absolut Vodka” advocates this approach. With localized and artistic advertising, it has successfully launched products around the world. It is not easy to make consumers pay, so “Absolut Vodka” pays attention to every detail: They conduct detailed market research in terms of the age, gender and culture of the locality and its people, and move consumers with targeted packaging design.


Packaging technology is evolving quickly. Technology is useful in attracting consumers, but it is always uneasy to secure technical edges. A tip is “retro”, as many people have this sense of nostalgia. While many companies do not use retro design in their packaging, General Mills is attempting to turn “retro” into a design element of modern packaging. With "retro" design, they present the origins of products to consumers. The retro practice has created a unique and lasting effect and won good reputation.


By following these four tips for packaging design, you are likely to design packaging meeting consumer expectations. Remember, these are just a few design principles, and your wisdom must be unique.

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Product packaging design usually

gives the first impression of the brand, 

which is why those successful companies have been striving to adopt innovative, compelling and unique packaging design.

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Brand Packaging

Four Tips in Packaging Design for Best Sellers

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