In 2020, CIBE and Golden Marker(Asia) work together
The greater the pursuit of beauty, the higher the requirement of brand

CIBE began in 1989, after more than 30 years of precipitation, it has become the leading domestic beauty industry exhibition platform.It is just like a gathering event for the practitioners of the beauty industry, gathering the professionals from all over the country and even the world to exchange and cooperate on this platform, and continuously promote the development and growth of each brand and supply chain.In 2020, GoldenMarker(Asia) and CIBE platform jointly set up a summit in Guangzhou, which is concerned about by the industry - Cosmetic Packaging Innovation Summit Forum.

Complex challenges

For GoldenMarker(Asia), the biggest challenge is how to make the concept of the whole theme skillfully and intuitively presented in the eyes of the industry, and be able to understand the visual presentation of the summit in the shortest time in the noisy and complex venue environment.GoldenMarker(Asia) combines the basic design elements of cosmetics packaging, such as circle, square, triangle, etc., to form the attribute of the industry: beauty.

Accurate delivery

Through the most basic elements to convey the simplest and direct information to the industry, the function of packaging should not only let each design symbol reflect the ability to protect products, but also can not ignore the industry's strict pursuit of beauty.Industry representatives can clearly draw attention to the bright red color of CIBE in the information explosion venue, and understand the theme meaning in the shortest time.

Success comes from accurate interpretation

The industry needs innovation. In the complex and changeable US industry, how to break through the encirclement requires careful arrangement and analysis in the early stage. Even a summit also needs to accurately interpret the audience's needs and the information conveyed.No matter the brand or the platform, in 2020 today, it seems that we can't build it in an extensive way.

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At the Packaging Summit, each visitor can absorb different information, channels and knowledge on their own needs.

This is exactly the original intention of the summit.

The summit forum jointly held

by GoldenMarker and CIBE can be regarded as the focus of the day.

More than 300 people arrived at the venue,

and many of them continued to enter. 

This depends on the full cooperation of both sides.


Cosmetics Innovation Summit Forum of CIBE

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